Wednesday, 16 February 2011

it's raining....."bears"

It has been raining a lot these last days but it doesn't matter because I have my new umbrella from TOUS.

 The same collection as my bag, the "kaos" collection. It has bags, umbrellas, wallets..... and on different colours.

Pd. Thanks to my Aunt, both of them are presents from her.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New year's Resolution

With the first month of the year gone, I decide to do my "one month later new year's resolution": UPDATE MY BLOG.

This year, well, actually last year, after I started supporting the visual merchandising in my current job (Blanco), I decided, finally, start running my fashion career seriously, and I decided that I want to became Visual Merchandiser, so I looked for courses, and the last month I have started "Visual Merchandiser and Space management 1" in the London college of fashion and in two months I will do the second part. The problem with this is once you start, you can't stop, so now I am checking every day for new courses to have a better professional training, but it's hard to find time for everything when you are working.

I am really happy with this course, it covers all aspects about visual merchandising ( the role, how to start, windows, shop, collection .....); and the lessons are very dynamic , with not too many attendants, so they can be more personal.

Like I said I going to try keep updated this. The next posts should be about the next London fashion week, that will start next week (Friday 18th of February).