Friday, 15 June 2012

DIY support your football team

Another DIY today, yesterday I was doing t-shirt for and my friends to support Spain in the euro2012. I have used a screen printer, you can buy this or made your own with a frame and a fabric net, I bought mine in CASS Art and from the brand speedball, they got started kits and lots of  different art tools. I found this video that explain the different uses of a screen printer.

I have use a paper template for the letters and for the flag instead of use the screen printing, I have used a big brush giving little touches on the fabric.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

DIY-Personalize a blazer

The first day I didn't have classes I was a bit bored without having something interesting to do, so  between the boredom and the creativity in my mind I had an idea. I had a white blazer since I was more or less 14 years old, so almost 12 years ago, that I have rarely used so why don't try something different?
El primer dia que no tuve clases, estab un poco aburrida sin tener nada interesante que hacer, asi que entre el aburrimiento y la creatividad en mi mente tu ve una idea. Tenia un americana balnca desde hace como unos doce años que apenas he usado durante los ultimos años, ¿por que no probar algo diferente?

The first thing I did it was  to unpick  the sleeves ( including the lining, but this can be carefully cut too), the next step is sew all the end in the sleeves, and just doing that you have an interesting blazer-vest.
 El primer paso descoser las mangas (incluido el forro, aunque este se puede cortar con mucho cuidado), lo siguiente es coser el dobaldillo de las mangas para tener un chaleco bien construido.

 I went further I had some transfer paper sheets left from my last project and I had an illustration that I always wanted to have in my clothe, so I put in the back of the blazer and because this paper it is kind like a sticker once it was on the blazer you could see the border so I stitched around the picture, and I need to stitch some where else to match everything, I decide around the neck.
aprovchando que tenia algunas hojas de papel para transferir  fotos o dibujos a ropa y que siempre he querido una de mi illustraciones en ropa, la puse en la espalda de la americana, este papel actua y tiene la aparencia de una pegatina asi que para terminar y evitar esta apariencia de pagatina que no es muy agardable, cosi alrededor de la foto y para que quede mas en cojunto con la americana tambien cosi alredeor del cuello.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A really good year.....

This last "year" (academic year) has been one of the best ever for me. I have met lovely people, learn lots of useful and interesting things, I have travel in 16 days by more countries than in all my life, I have in Disneyland Paris and to finish this special this year a fantastic fashion show with my fantastic classmates and I have archive what I set to my self when I started this course,  get DISTINCTION grade.
Este ultimo "año" ( academico) ha sido uno de mis mejores. He conocido a gente estupenda, aprendido muchisimo, viajado por mas paises que en toda mi vida, he estado en DisneyLand y para terminar tuvimos un fashion show estupendo y he conseguido lo que me prospuse cuando empece, conseguir la califacion de Distinction.

Thank  to all the people who have made this possible, specially .....
Gracias a toda la gente que ha hacho esto posible, en especial.....

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New section- My portfolio

During the last few months I have been building my portfolio with all the work I have been doing since I have started my course. There is between 2 and 4 sheets per project ( Metamorphosis, multiples, protection, illustration and who am I?) explaining the ideas, the progress and final ideas of each.