Thursday, 24 June 2010

Clothes show London

Don't forget this weekend a original and different fashion show in earl's court. I can't go because I should work this weekend. It seems really fun, with a lot of celebrities and the option to have a complete shopping day.

To know more Clothes show London

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I started yesterday to work in my favorite shop, Blanco. I wanted time ago writing about this shop, so now it's the perfect moment. Blanco is a Spanish branch very very original and cheap. In London there is just one, in westfield mall. I really like this branch because never loses its own style, the star products are the dresses, formal, informal, beach, safari....everthing you can imagine. Other good thing is that it has got original accessories (flowers, very sweet necklace, earnings, rings, scarfs, bags with the same stamps that clothes and shoes...).
And now everything it's 50% off and I 'm working there.

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Final Result

Finally, two weeks ago,the day of the wedding arrived. If you don't know, and if you know I am going to remember you, two weeks ago the Iceland volcano (I don't feel confident to write the volcano's' name) erupted, so I could go to the weeding but groom's brother and my boyfriend couldn't arrived to Spain, apart from this every thing went really well.

First, I am going to talk about the hair style, I was thinking in several hairstyles , of course always thinking in 50's style. These were a few of my options.
I like so much these two but both have a very important problem, they are very very very fragiles, and if you spend your time to make them it's a pity that when you will arrive to the wedding they were destroyed. You won't have this problem if your hair has all the same large, I have layers and that because they are fragiles.
I tried this one, it's kind a Lady Gaga's bow, I have the same problem, the layers. It's original, but I thought could be a lot of  that claim the atention, the dress, the hairstyle, maybe I could look over-elaborated.

To make all of these hair styles you can find in you tube thousands of videos.

Finally, I decided to curl my hair and make a loop with my bang but in the other way that the first picture. I made me waves not ringlets. 
I learned two days before the weeding and it's very easy. A short video to explain.

The result was this:

One trendy hair style of this spring-summer, that we have could see in a lot of catwalks,  we can make with this simple method, we have to change curlers for hairpins, and we can use the hair iron then we don't have to wait. I'm talking about this hair style:

Maybe it's a little bit exaggerated for our normal life, but with less volume I think it's very original and I would say elegant.

Leaving the hair, I get  a peep toe shoe,
they are simple, white peep toe shoe with a huge heel but very comfortable, I didn't spend a lot of money, they are no leather but I think they are good quality. I get in Blanco one of my favorite shops, one day I will talk about it.

One other thing it's the make-up, I have to say I have never been very carefully with my make-up, but I have a good friend working in Bobbi Brown and she did a great job with me.

Sorry but a  I don't know how to explain you anything about the make-up, I really don't know. At this point I would like to ask you something, if you join fashion and join make-up and you would like to have in the same place (here) both, to animate other of my good friends who knows everything about make-up to join us and open a make-up section (Leaving your comments).

With all these things, this is the final result, I hope you like it.

See you soon.

Friday, 2 April 2010


I am going to Santander, Spain.


Friday, 26 March 2010

I have my second interview

Today I have my second interview in Whistles to be supervisor. And look my desk right now......

I don't know how many catwalks and magazines I have seen and read  this week, and now......... revising!


Thursday, 25 March 2010

The petticoat

I am sure that when all of you saw previous post dress, thought “this dress need more volume”. Of course that's its style. I thought the same, so two weeks ago I looked in ebay for a petticoat. You can find everything in ebay  and sometimes it’s easier and cheaper than looking in shops. I found one, costing £ 9.99 plus shipping; it finally was about  £17, not too bad, isn’t it?  

Of course I bought a multi–multi-multi layer one, I thought it would be better because it had to raise the dress. Well... yesterday the petticoat arrived to home. When I first saw it, I wanted to die,  "great idea the multilayer thing". But no worries, today I am better because I have tried it with the dress and I think it’s nice and that it’s the style I wanted to get. What do you think?

I hate my camera, it has cut my head but after all....isn't this all about the dress?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I have a wedding

Two friends are geting married on April, so I needed a dress. The wedding is in Spain, this means good weather in spring.  As I have been living in London for a year now I am really pale, so I have two options, fake tan  or choosing a nice colour that combines with my skin. And I don’t like fake things.
This spring the basic colours are really light (nude, coral, pink pale...). Usually these ones match better  when you are tanned, but here, in London, that's quite difficult. Maybe we could combine a  light coloured straight dress with (very trendy) floral stamped shoes. We will  enhance the dress and divert the attention from our palish skin.
Anyway, this trick won´t be helpful for me because I'm going to Spain so all people will be more tanned than me. I was thinking "I really like 50’s Style and I have always wanted an excuse to buy a nice 50’s dress"... This spring 60’s and 70’s are the vintage trends but I think  going for a 50’s look, being careful choosing the details could be very elegant and perfect for a wedding, always being original.

I know that in London there are millions of vintage shops and there are millions of 50’s clothes as well. For vintage, I think there are a few good shops in Carnaby street. It’s a great place with also plenty of the most popular brands. And what could I say about Camden Lock market? Here you can find everything you want and of course vintage clothes, not just in the shops inside, but walking around the market and leaving behind you the tube there are a few vintage shops (cheaper than the ones in the market). 

Buying 50’s clothes is usually expensive, but that’s the reality and we have to face it. I like this shop: “vivienofholloway”, it is in Holloway road. They have lots of things, not just dresses, and you can buy online there; that’s a good point when you are sure of your size. I went to Camded because I already had seen a dress that I liked somewhere else. This other place is a little shop just before the big entrance to the market. It has a lot of nice 50’s dresses but they really prohibitive for my pocket. It also has vintage umbrellas, petticoats, gloves and other styles of clothes, its name is “The Arc”. Finally my great discovery "COLLECTIF", it could seem  a little bit gothic and the truth is that it has a very gothic side of the shop but the other side is full of dresses, skirts and tops like 50’s and rockabilly, and the most important, good price. I bought this one for just £20

the color matches my skin, and it is original and elegant for the wedding and with some extra details I could get a more elegant look

I am still thinking about the hair style, shoes and accessories and of course a slightly tanned tights, so I will continue telling you my decisions and options.


First of all, I’m going to introduce myself (or... let me introduce myself).  I am Arantxa, from Spain, but I live in London. I have been here for one year and counting.  Why does the title says I study Physics... ? When I finished high school I had two things in my mind to study, Physics and Fashion Designer, obviously I  chose Physics, it wasn’t a bad decision but it is being really hard and long; and now I would like to study something about Fashion but I am little scared because I'd like to finish what I started. So I think that’s why this blog exists.

Here I’m going to talk about my opinions, my style, shops I find............, of course I will talk about the new trends, catwalks, designers and new collections, but I want to do something personal, because you can read in a lot of magazine about all this things or you can go to see the catwalks and the designers, but all of us need some tips and I hope to be helpful.

Finally, I just want to say, sorry if I make mistakes, my English is not perfect yet, and thank you very much for reading me.