Thursday, 29 April 2010

Final Result

Finally, two weeks ago,the day of the wedding arrived. If you don't know, and if you know I am going to remember you, two weeks ago the Iceland volcano (I don't feel confident to write the volcano's' name) erupted, so I could go to the weeding but groom's brother and my boyfriend couldn't arrived to Spain, apart from this every thing went really well.

First, I am going to talk about the hair style, I was thinking in several hairstyles , of course always thinking in 50's style. These were a few of my options.
I like so much these two but both have a very important problem, they are very very very fragiles, and if you spend your time to make them it's a pity that when you will arrive to the wedding they were destroyed. You won't have this problem if your hair has all the same large, I have layers and that because they are fragiles.
I tried this one, it's kind a Lady Gaga's bow, I have the same problem, the layers. It's original, but I thought could be a lot of  that claim the atention, the dress, the hairstyle, maybe I could look over-elaborated.

To make all of these hair styles you can find in you tube thousands of videos.

Finally, I decided to curl my hair and make a loop with my bang but in the other way that the first picture. I made me waves not ringlets. 
I learned two days before the weeding and it's very easy. A short video to explain.

The result was this:

One trendy hair style of this spring-summer, that we have could see in a lot of catwalks,  we can make with this simple method, we have to change curlers for hairpins, and we can use the hair iron then we don't have to wait. I'm talking about this hair style:

Maybe it's a little bit exaggerated for our normal life, but with less volume I think it's very original and I would say elegant.

Leaving the hair, I get  a peep toe shoe,
they are simple, white peep toe shoe with a huge heel but very comfortable, I didn't spend a lot of money, they are no leather but I think they are good quality. I get in Blanco one of my favorite shops, one day I will talk about it.

One other thing it's the make-up, I have to say I have never been very carefully with my make-up, but I have a good friend working in Bobbi Brown and she did a great job with me.

Sorry but a  I don't know how to explain you anything about the make-up, I really don't know. At this point I would like to ask you something, if you join fashion and join make-up and you would like to have in the same place (here) both, to animate other of my good friends who knows everything about make-up to join us and open a make-up section (Leaving your comments).

With all these things, this is the final result, I hope you like it.

See you soon.


  1. Hello!! Next time you could write it in Spanish, maybe i understand it better. :P
    Kiss. Bye.

  2. I leave my comment here to say that I want your friend who knows everything you need to know and more about make-up joins your blog within a make-up section, please! :)