Thursday, 25 March 2010

The petticoat

I am sure that when all of you saw previous post dress, thought “this dress need more volume”. Of course that's its style. I thought the same, so two weeks ago I looked in ebay for a petticoat. You can find everything in ebay  and sometimes it’s easier and cheaper than looking in shops. I found one, costing £ 9.99 plus shipping; it finally was about  £17, not too bad, isn’t it?  

Of course I bought a multi–multi-multi layer one, I thought it would be better because it had to raise the dress. Well... yesterday the petticoat arrived to home. When I first saw it, I wanted to die,  "great idea the multilayer thing". But no worries, today I am better because I have tried it with the dress and I think it’s nice and that it’s the style I wanted to get. What do you think?

I hate my camera, it has cut my head but after all....isn't this all about the dress?

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