Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I have a wedding

Two friends are geting married on April, so I needed a dress. The wedding is in Spain, this means good weather in spring.  As I have been living in London for a year now I am really pale, so I have two options, fake tan  or choosing a nice colour that combines with my skin. And I don’t like fake things.
This spring the basic colours are really light (nude, coral, pink pale...). Usually these ones match better  when you are tanned, but here, in London, that's quite difficult. Maybe we could combine a  light coloured straight dress with (very trendy) floral stamped shoes. We will  enhance the dress and divert the attention from our palish skin.
Anyway, this trick won´t be helpful for me because I'm going to Spain so all people will be more tanned than me. I was thinking "I really like 50’s Style and I have always wanted an excuse to buy a nice 50’s dress"... This spring 60’s and 70’s are the vintage trends but I think  going for a 50’s look, being careful choosing the details could be very elegant and perfect for a wedding, always being original.

I know that in London there are millions of vintage shops and there are millions of 50’s clothes as well. For vintage, I think there are a few good shops in Carnaby street. It’s a great place with also plenty of the most popular brands. And what could I say about Camden Lock market? Here you can find everything you want and of course vintage clothes, not just in the shops inside, but walking around the market and leaving behind you the tube there are a few vintage shops (cheaper than the ones in the market). 

Buying 50’s clothes is usually expensive, but that’s the reality and we have to face it. I like this shop: “vivienofholloway”, it is in Holloway road. They have lots of things, not just dresses, and you can buy online there; that’s a good point when you are sure of your size. I went to Camded because I already had seen a dress that I liked somewhere else. This other place is a little shop just before the big entrance to the market. It has a lot of nice 50’s dresses but they really prohibitive for my pocket. It also has vintage umbrellas, petticoats, gloves and other styles of clothes, its name is “The Arc”. Finally my great discovery "COLLECTIF", it could seem  a little bit gothic and the truth is that it has a very gothic side of the shop but the other side is full of dresses, skirts and tops like 50’s and rockabilly, and the most important, good price. I bought this one for just £20

the color matches my skin, and it is original and elegant for the wedding and with some extra details I could get a more elegant look

I am still thinking about the hair style, shoes and accessories and of course a slightly tanned tights, so I will continue telling you my decisions and options.

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