Monday, 21 March 2011

Jewelery new challenge

I must admit that since I have arrived London I have changed and I have learnt lot about how to have a PERFECT LOOK. I always focus in Fashion, clothes, shoes.... and I always have problems with the accessories, I really didn't know how to match them with my clothes and I used to buy funny necklaces, earring and bangles and in the end I always wear the same ones (my good ones). So now I am learning and I have a new reason to do some shopping, by the moment easy start I just going to look for two mini collection, gold and silver colour.

I was thinking all of this, and last Monday when I was going to work, and was going upstairs in the escalators suddenly in the top a new stand of Jewelery appeared . Destiny, coincidence, it was perfect.

I bought a few things already, the brand is GOGO PHILIP vintage bijoux.

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